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Technical programs

Most programs offered at cégep are technical training programs.

Usually 3 years long, technical programs are made up of three categories of subjects:

  • Mandatory general education subjects: French, English, Philosophy, Physical Education
  • Field-specific subjects: 15 to 31 courses of various lengths, depending on the program you choose
  • Two complementary courses

Technical training leads directly to the job market. However, you could still decide to continue your education in a university program after a technical program at cégep (under certain conditions).

The diploma awarded upon successful completion of a technical training program is the Diploma of College Studies (DCS), often known by its French name, Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC).

Here are a few points that distinguish technical training programs:


Practical workplace internships, which are sometimes remunerated, let you acquire the skills you need to practice your future profession.


Quebec is currently experiencing a labour shortage. More than 1,400,000 jobs will need to be filled in the next 10 years. Thanks to technical training programs recognized by the job market, you have an excellent chance of finding an engaging job as a technologist or technician at the end of your cégep program.


Some programs allow you to complete your total postsecondary studies more quickly by reducing the number of courses (credits) you’ll have to do at university. Learn more about cégep-university bridge programs

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