Online information sessions

Your Information Session: Come Prepared

Out of the eight CEGEPs that offer study programs in English, two of them offer online information sessions. Be sure to read the articles linked below before you register for one – this will help you clarify your study plan. Once you’ve read the articles, you’ll be better able to choose the information session, based on the the academic program you want to complete and the CEGEP that offers it.

What is a CEGEP?

How much does it cost to study at a CEGEP?

What programs are available?

How do I apply to a CEGEP?

What are my housing options in Quebec?

What will I need to do AFTER I’m accepted to a CEGEP?

Am I allowed to work during my studies?

List of Online Information Sessions

Please note that this session is scheduled on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (UTC-05:00):

Feb 2019

  • Cégep de Trois-Rivières - for U.S. candidates – 26/02/2019, 20 h 00 - 21 h 30
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