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3D Animation and Computer – Generated Imagery

Program code: 574B0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become 3D animation or computer-generated imagery specialists. These individuals work mainly for computer animation studios (feature films and shorts), television studios or companies specialized in multimedia production, video games, postproduction or special effects. They can also work for industrial design firms, software producers or in fields as diverse as medicine, geomatics, aeronautics and high fashion.

As part of their job, 3D animation and computer generated imagery specialists begin by studying the characteristics of the project they have been mandated with. They then produce an animation prototype, model the graphic elements (characters, objects and environment), apply textures and colours, add lighting, animate the graphic elements and add the finishing touches to the final version of the animation. They can also create digital visual effects and perform image compositing.

The work of 3D animation and computer generated imagery specialists includes developing creativity, visual acuity and precision in their work methods as well as developing their knowledge of motion and mastering traditional and computer-based techniques and tools.


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