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Composite Materials Processing

Program code: 241C0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work in the composite materials industry where they will be entrusted with tasks related to planning, coordinating and optimizing production, designing and creating tools as well as ensuring quality control and providing technical support.

These technicians are capable of determining manufacturing methods, fine-tuning tools and templates as well as creating moulds and prototypes during the pre-production phase. They also help develop new procedures, formulations and products. In addition to this, they are called upon to help implement and follow up on quality assurance programs, carry out testing and studies, and produce reports.

Most composite materials processing technicians are employed by manufacturing production companies, research and development centres, aerospace companies and raw material suppliers. They conduct most of their work in collaboration with plant managers, members of the design team and other groups of professionals. Part of their job involves maintaining relationships with clients and suppliers.

With a view to respecting existing standards and new trends related to the environment, occupational health and safety, globalization and the improvement of quality, this program aims to help students acquire qualities and attitudes such as:

  • attention to detail, accuracy and diligence, precision and meticulousness
  • autonomy, creativity, initiative and a sense of responsibility
  • the willingness to respect standards related to the environment as well as occupational health and safety
  • the ability to solve problems and suggest innovative ideas for improving production
  • a concern for documenting technical information


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