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Computer Graphics in Prepress work

Program code: 581D0

Program Objectives

The program trains individuals to become premedia graphic designers. These technicians create graphic design documents that are to be printed, reproduced using various printing tools or published electronically (Web site or multimedia).

Premedia graphic designers work as part of a team in order to create high-quality graphic documents for the communications sector.

This type of work requires the ability to analyze and evaluate projects both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of technical feasibility and printability. They must also be able to voice their opinion and thereby suggest any changes they feel need to be made to the project requested by the customer—whether this customer is a graphic designer, webmaster, editor, printer, company representative, etc.

Where print productions are concerned, premedia graphic designers are responsible for ensuring the project is printable, from a technical standpoint. This means they must optimize production to correspond to the product being printed, keep all printing standards and regulations in mind and ensure constant quality control both from a technical perspective and in terms of aesthetics. They achieve this by first conducting a technical analysis of the documents in order to determine the best methods for the printing conditions; they then create and process the originals using photographic, optoelectronic or computer techniques depending on the customer’s request and the requirements and restrictions of the chosen printing process; lastly, they integrate the images provided by the customer and perform any required lay-out work. Resolving technical and creative issues is an integral part of the process at every stage. Needless to say, premedia graphic designers must also manage various computer environments and perform network transfers.


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