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As an international student, you have access to more than 140 programs (technical and pre-university) offered in nearly 70 schools across Quebec. Explore the many possibilities and find the perfect program for you from our expansive offering!


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  • Technical Program code: 414A0

    The Tourism program prepares individuals to work towards actively promoting the tourism industry. In addition to this, the core training of this program enables students to become technicians who have the skills and knowledge to: [...]

  • Technical Program code: 414AA

    The program is geared primarily to the needs of agency and transportation company operations. It provides training diverse and varied enough to produce knowledgeable travel and tourism personnel. Courses are grouped into subjects with similar objectives and content: [...]

  • Technical Program code: 410A0

    The Transportation Logistics program trains individuals to become technicians who are capable of performing tasks at every stage of the logistics process. These individuals are responsible for managing physical flow (people and goods) and information flow. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 222A0

    This program trains individuals to work as urban planning technicians or municipal inspectors. Urban planning technicians carry out different technical tasks related to urban or rural planning. They help plan and monitor residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, [...]

  • Preuniversity Program code: 510A0

    This pre-university program is intended to give students a balanced education that includes a general education component and a visual arts component preparing students for university studies in the visual arts and education. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 260A0

    This program trains individuals to become water and environmental sanitation technicians capable of working in municipalities, industrial facilities, government department and specialized companies, whether as consultants or representatives, both nationally and [...]

  • Technical Program code: 310B0

    This program trains individuals to become technicians capable of working in the prevention of delinquency and in the social reintegration of delinquent individuals, either before they commit a crime, following a court decision or following a diversion. [...]

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