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Climate And Weather

Quebec’s climate goes through a significant change over the course of its 4 seasons. Indeed, every season is different. Although the Quebec winter cold has a much more widespread reputation than its summer heat, each of the seasons is worth experiencing. Here is a glimpse of a year in Quebec:

A mild spring

It officially starts around March 20th. The days get longer, the weather milder, the snow begins to melt and the maple sap flows from the trees; it’s maple syrup season. Continuing the First Nations’ practice, the first settlers learned how to cut into the sugar maple and boil its maple sap to extract its well-known maple syrup. About 40 litres of sap is needed to produce a litre of pure syrup. During spring, you can witness the harvest and satisfy your sweet tooth at a sugar shack.

A hot summer

The hot and humid summer begins around mid-June and lasts about three months. The streets come alive and parks and terrasses fill up. Music, circus, comedy, and other types of festivals take place alongside fireworks and all kinds of open-air exhibitions.

A colourful fall

The Indian summer shows up after the first frost that follows summer. The weather becomes milder and forests are tinged with warm red, yellow and orange colours. In the past, First Nations took advantage of these beautiful days to go on their last hunts and finish harvesting crops. Nowadays, it’s the perfect time to take a nice forest stroll. Toward mid-November, the trees have lost their leaves and winter settles in.

A white winter

From mid-December to mid-March, temperatures vary between -30°C and 0°C. They may sometimes radically change over a 24-hour period. There is very good indoor heating. To go outside, you must be equipped with a warm coat, boots, a tuque and mittens. The cold is dry, which makes it very tolerable if you are dressed warmly. You will thus be able to enjoy winter and the various activities that await you: ice skating on lakes, dogsled and snowmobile excursions, snowshoeing, ice fishing and Nordic baths. There’s something for everyone!

The Weather Network website is a useful resource to learn more about the climate and weather in Quebec’s various regions.

Take a look at the information on each of Quebec’s regions to learn more about their individual economy and the tourist attractions you will have the opportunity to discover during your CEGEP studies.

Take note: during every season, there are temperature differences between the north and south of the province.

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Average temperatures

  • January: -12,1ºC
  • April: 4,8ºC
  • July: 19,6ºC
  • October : 6,9ºC
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