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How to read a program grid?

Program grids are made up of all the courses for a specific program. They are usually categorized by semester.


Exemple de grille de cours d'un programme du cégep


Course structure

Every course listed in an academic program includes a weighting made up of three digits separated by a hyphen or space.


Numéro d’identification du cours Titre du cours Pondération
601-103-MQ Français III : littérature québécoise 3-1-4


The first digit stands for the number of classroom hours per week. In this case, the student will have three hours of formal classroom instruction per week.



The second digit stands for the number of lab hours (in a specialized or multipurpose room) or internship hours per week. The student will thus have one lab hour per week.



The third digit stands for the number of personal work hours the student should put in every week for the course. In this case, that is four hours.



Did you know?

  • The minimum passing grade for courses is 60%.
  • Any failed course must be retaken.
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