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The CEGEP academic year

In Quebec’s CEGEPs, the academic year begins around mid-August and ends at the end of May. The academic calendar is usually made up of two semesters:

  • Fall: from mid-August to the end of December
  • Winter: from January to the end of May

Length of your program

The total length of your program of study varies depending on what kind of program it is:

  • Career programs last three years (six semesters)
  • Pre-university programs last two years (four semesters)

However, if you fail a class, you may have to extend the length of your program, since all failed classes must be retaken.

Find out about the differences between career and pre-university programs offered by CEGEPs in Quebec.

2017-2018 Academic Calendar

To find out about a CEGEP’s 2017-2018 academic calendar, visit their website.

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