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Student life and activities

In CEGEP, students’ intellectual, emotional, social and physical development is fostered through numerous sociocultural, artistic, community and athletic activities.

Sociocultural, Artistic and Community Activities

CEGEPs offer a variety of sociocultural, artistic and community activities. The activities on offer vary depending on the establishment, but regardless of the location of your studies, you will undoubtedly find a number of interesting activities. Here are a few examples of sociocultural activities:

  • Writing circles
  • Photography clubs
  • Intercultural committees
  • Drama clubs
  • Computer clubs
  • Student newspapers
  • Science clubs, etc.

Here are a few examples of events and competitions (some of which are national in scope) that are organized in our CEGEPs:

Athletic Activities

All CEGEPs offer diverse athletic activities in beautiful facilities.

  • Intercollegiate sports (men’s and women’s elite sports levels 1, 2 and 3):
    Badminton, basketball, soccer, American football, swimming, volleyball, rugby, hockey, cross country running, etc.
  • Intramural sports
    Badminton, basketball, hockey, swimming, indoor and outdoor soccer (football), volleyball, beach volleyball, fencing, aerobics, etc.
  • Drop-in activities
    Table tennis, martial arts, gym, tennis, skating, open swim, dance studio, soccer, handball, American football, soccer (football), softball, rugby, aquafit, cross country running, yoga, cheerleading, ice hockey, Tae-Boxe, badminton, rock climbing, etc.
  • Outdoor activities
    Canoe camping, summer and winter camping, hiking, rock and ice climbing, snowshoeing, kayaking, sailing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, etc.

To see a detailed list of activities offered at the CEGEP of your choice, please consult the CEGEP’s website  directly, since activities differ from one CEGEP to the other.

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