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Student services

Welcome and Orientation

Our CEGEPs make sure that newly arrived international students feel welcome and aren’t simply left to their own devices. There are usually many activities organized in the weeks following your arrival. These activities will allow you to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and to adapt more easily to Quebec and its culture.

Depending on the CEGEP, these are some of the activities that might be included: being welcomed at the airport, guided tours, Quebec cultural workshops, cooking workshops, sports activities, social activities, intercultural week and themed meet-ups.

Help Centres

Every CEGEP has help centres for students having trouble with their courses. Depending on the CEGEP, there might be help centres for French, math, philosophy, English, information technology and/or other subjects.


Most CEGEPs have peer tutoring programs that allow some students to help their peers with particular needs, such as academic support in the labs, social and emotional support, course content workshops, help with French, English, philosophy, etc.


Students who are experiencing personal, academic, family or romantic difficulties, who are having psychological problems, who are experiencing difficult emotions, who are experiencing a dip in motivation or who simply want to talk to someone can meet with a psychologist at their CEGEP. Services are confidential.

Career Counselling and Academic Information

Our CEGEPs offer a career counselling and academic information service to help students who have questions concerning their schooling or their entrance into the job market, or who are simply seeking more information on the subject. Moreover, career counselling services organize related activities such as career fairs, conferences, workshops and information sessions.

Employment Office

Students looking for part-time or summer jobs as well as new graduates looking for a job in their field can visit their CEGEP’s employment office. The employment office offers multiple services to help students in their job searches. For example: online job postings, job search methodology classes, help writing CVs and preparing for job interviews.

IT Services

Our CEGEPs have many computers (several hundred, in some cases), all connected to their establishment’s internet network. Most of them are available to students, both during the day and in the evenings, to facilitate their learning experience.

Students with their own laptops are generally able to connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) for internet access. Moreover, students have access to computer labs equipped with the latest technology.

Our CEGEPs also have intranet systems which allow you to access your schedule, your grades, your transcripts and the CEGEP’s virtual library. These systems allow students to communicate with one another and with CEGEP personnel. They also allow students to access their coursework, regardless of their location.


Each CEGEP has a library containing thousands of resources: reference books, monographs, atlases and maps, audiovisual materials (DVDs, music CDs et CD-ROMs), periodicals and many electronic resources  (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.)

In addition to student services, many activities are also organized for the students. Find out about student life and the various activities available at CEGEP.

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