CEGEP is the first level of higher education in Quebec

Quebec’s CEGEPs is a network of 48 public post-secondary educational institutions in Quebec

  • 43 are french-language CEGEPs (2 of them offer some programs in english (E)) and
  • 5 are english-language CEGEPs.

CEGEPs offer different kinds of training

The three-year technical studies programs prepare students to join the job market (or the university) and are divided into five major domains:

  • Biological and agricultural technologies
  • Physical technologies
  • Business administrative technologies
  • Community technologies
  • Applied arts and graphic communications

CEGEPs also offer nine pre-university programs: science, social science, liberal arts, computer science and mathematics, history and civilization, visual arts, music, dance, and arts, literature and communication.

CEGEP studies lead to a state diploma: diploma of college studies (DEC)

In addition, CEGEPs feature continuing education programs for adult students. These programs, developed through workplace partnerships, provide adults with short-term technical training.

Quebec’s CEGEP network also has an active international presence.

  • Over 3,200 international students are studying or carrying out internships across Quebec.
  • Over 4,500 students take part in foreign exchange programs. Over 700 foreign exchange agreements have been signed with institutions mainly in Europe, Latin America and Africa. The Fédération des cégeps has also concluded agreements with groups of institutions and foreign governments.
  • Many CEGEP teachers collaborate with international partners to undertake research projects, teach, or exchange pedagogical practices. CEGEPs also host guest teachers from foreign countries.
  • CEGEPs have undertaken over 350 international cooperation projects since 2000.

Quebec’s CEGEP network also features 48 research centres known as college centres for the transfer of technology, or CCTTs. They support companies and organizations through applied research, technological assistance and the transfer of technology, information, and training. CCTTs play an active role in all industrial sectors, and like the CEGEPS, they can be found across Quebec.

CEGEPs provide their students and the public with exceptional sports, cultural and community facilities that encourage student interaction.

Learning a language

Some CEGEPs have language schools that offer French (F) or English (E) immersion programs:

CEGEPs: an environment that fosters learning!

Studying at a CEGEP or completing an internship there means discovering the French Canadian way of life and the culture of Quebec while taking advantage of educational guidance that is personalized.

In particular, CEGEPS offer:

  • An exceptional quality of life in a safe environment
  • Excellent programs of study developed in accordance with the competency-based approach and in collaboration with the job market
  • Programs of study that alternate between theoretical teaching and internships in the workplace
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment in all domains
  • Student services that promote the student’s integration: welcome and information, orientation, psychological support, learning assistance
  • Student-centred teaching
  • Teachers who are accessible and offer students their support throughout the school year
  • Student residences at several campuses
  • An excellent placement rate for graduates
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