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Checklist: leave well prepared

It’s official! Quebec is awaiting your arrival when the next term starts! Check out the information in the tables below to get ready to embark on this excellent adventure!

  • Mandatory Health Insurance

    International students are required to have a valid health insurance policy while they are in Quebec. You will probably have to get this documentation in your country of origin before you leave. See our guide to mandatory health insurance.

  • Driver’s License

    If you are a student or a non-resident intern in Quebec, you can drive during your studies or your internship with your foreign license. Certain conditions apply.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! You will need to take care of these processes before arriving in Quebec.

    The Quebec Highway Safety Code has some rules that might be different from the ones in your country. Make sure you have read and understood it before getting behind the wheel in Quebec!

  • The Day You Travel

    We want your arrival in Canada to go as smoothly as possible, but sometimes unexpected things can happen! Before you leave, make a list of emergency phone numbers and put it in your carry-on bag the day you depart for Quebec. Make sure to include the phone number for the international advisor at your cégep. Also include detailed directions for getting to the first place you are going to stay, including the mode of transport.

    It’s also a good idea to have some Canadian cash in your wallet to help you out in case something unexpected happens.

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