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Quebec and its regions

Quebec is the largest of Canada’s ten provinces. Located in the country’s east, it shares over 12,000 kilometres of land and water borders with Ontario, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the United States.

Quebec’s industries

These resources have led to the establishment of important industries in Quebec: forestry, energy and mining. Quebec is Canada’s main pulp and paper producer, and its huge freshwater supply has made it the country’s largest hydroelectricity producer. Quebecers are leaders in high-tech industries, such as the pharmaceutical and aeronautical industries. Its cultural sector is also thriving. Indeed, the Quebec government has announced a $110 M investment over 7 years for the establishment of digital projects.

The many technical programs offered in cégeps give students the opportunity to study, among other things, in these job-promising fields. Over 1.3 million jobs will need to be filled throughout various Quebec regions by 2024.

About Quebec

  • The Quebec Flag
    The fleurdelisé Adopted in 1948
  • In Canada
    Quebec Largest of Canada’s ten provinces
  • Official Language
    French English is the second language
  • Provincial Capitol and historic city
    Quebec city Montreal is the international metropolis!
  • Area
    1.668 million km² That’s three times the size of France!
  • Climate
    -25 to +25° celcius Winters are cold and summers are hot!
  • Quebec has 3% of the planet’s freshwater supply
    Half a million lakes 4,500 rivers
  • National sport
    Ice hockey
  • One of the planet’s largest rivers
    The St. Lawrence River Runs through Quebec over nearly 1,200 kilometres

Quebec’s regions are unique and all have their own appeal.

The province of Quebec, the largest Canadian province, is made up of 17 administrative regions. Cegeps are spread out throughout the province and each offers its own host of specific programs. Discover each region’s economy and the different cultural and tourist attractions that await you.

Ville de Québec Montréal T-N N-B États-Unis Ontario

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