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  • Technical Program code: 111A0

    Working in a recognized profession, dental hygienists play the role of both oral hygiene practitioners and educators. They work alongside dentists, applying preventive, educational and therapeutic measures aimed at preventing oral disease. They also promote good [...]

  • Technical Program code: 410B0

    This program trains individuals to become accounting and management technicians. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 221A0

    This program trains individuals to work as architectural technologists in architectural firms, engineering firms, construction businesses or government agencies. [...]

  • Preuniversity Program code: 500A1

    The objective of the Arts, Letters and Communication program is to provide the student with a balanced education that includes basic cultural training and general education. It also aims to better align college with programs offered at the university level. The [...]

  • Technical Program code: 140C0

    This program, previously indexed as Code 140.B0, was updated to 140.C0 in 2016. It trains individuals to be capable of performing analyses, doing technical work and collaborating in research and development. The data and interpretations they provide contribute [...]

  • Technical Program code: 221B0

    This program trains individuals to work as civil engineering technicians. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 391A0

    This program trains individuals to work with the general population or targeted groups in order to meet their recreational needs. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 120A0

    Dietetic Technicians are food and nutrition specialists who perform various management activities. The Dietetic Technology program provides the training required to work in the fields of clinical and community nutrition, food service management, food quality control [...]

  • Technical Program code: 243B0

    Telecommunications specialization (243.BA): These technologists are responsible for installing and starting-up telecommunications systems as well as ensuring technical maintenance, repairing, modifying or upgrading these systems. They also provide [...]

  • Technical Program code: 190B0

    This program trains individuals to become forestry technologists able to apply and develop techniques related to sustainable forest management and timber harvesting. [...]

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