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Aircraft Maintenance

Program code: 280C0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals who, according to the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC), are mandated with monitoring aircraft and troubleshooting issues related to airframe structures, engines and systems, among other things. They disassemble and remove any defective parts, assemble and install replacement parts, read and interpret manuals, drawings and blueprints, test aircraft systems, log all issues and measurements taken in order to remedy the problem and maintain accurate aircraft maintenance records.

These technicians are responsible for:

  • Ensuring routine aircraft maintenance, maintenance of piston and turbine engines, maintenance of avionics systems within prescribed limitations, maintenance of various aircraft systems, maintenance of rotary wings, maintenance of propellers and propeller systems, carrying out unplanned interventions and inspections as well as performing activities related to the design and fabrication of aircraft components.

This program aims to help students develop specific aptitudes and behaviours such as a desire for producing work of the highest quality, systematically applying regulations, working with technical documentation produced both in French and English and, lastly, developing a professional attitude that is focused on safety. Technicians must have excellent manual dexterity, a keen sense of observation that uses good olfactory and visual perception in order to detect odours and vibrations emitted from aircraft components.


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Rawane Thioye Ndiaye

Senegal Cégep de Trois-Rivières
I didn’t have any trouble adapting, since I established strong friendships with other students
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Tatiana Latreille

United States of America Dawson College
Dawson est une grande école, mais une communauté soudée
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