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Julien Pellat, Student

I got the impression that the college was very welcoming to students of all origins

I met my girlfriend in France, my homeland. She is from Valleyfield, and right away, I wanted to get to know her part of the country. I already had an accounting training, but I wanted to explore information technology. I was told that Collège de Valleyfield was a very good CEGEP, so I took the plunge and registered for their Information Technology program!

I was very well greeted, and I got the impression that the college was very welcoming to students of all  origins. I immediately felt at home. Apart from my courses, I also had the chance to perfect my knowledge by signing up for internships in real businesses. Meeting new people, opening my horizons, improving my self-confidence and learning about a new culture are just a few examples of the perks of this rewarding experience. Once I’m done studying, I would like to stay in Quebec, because this is where I can be with the girl who changed my life!

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