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Animal Health Technology

Program code: 145A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become animal health technicians, working mainly in the clinical and research sectors.

The work done by technicians consists mainly of supporting veterinarians or researchers working with testing animals in their everyday functions. In both cases, they are called upon to perform tests on animals, provide these animals with the required care and implement systems for effectively performing various animal health techniques. Both types of jobs require mastery of specific abilities—customer service skills in veterinary clinics and technical laboratory skills for animal testing positions.

The skills acquired as part of the Animal Health Technology program enable graduates to practise their profession in any environment where care must be provided to animals. For example: veterinary clinics or hospitals, government or private research centres, research centres in hospitals or universities, teaching laboratories or sample analysis laboratories, the federal or provincial government, municipalities or food inspection departments, the pharmaceutical industry, humane societies, zoos, pet stores, agricultural businesses or mills.

Graduates can generally work in positions with the following job titles:

  • animal health technician
  • animal care attendant
  • animal caretaker
  • veterinary assistant
  • animal technician
  • veterinary clinic receptionist
  • laboratory technician
  • sales representative

With experience, animal health technicians can be promoted to team leader, supervisor or director.

N.B.:Animal allergies can interfere with the pursuit of studies.


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