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Aquaculture Techniques

Program code: 231A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work as technicians specialized in the area of mariculture. These individuals can be owner-operators or be employed by others as consultants, research technicians or managers. Work environments are quite varied: research institutes, government departments, fish culture operations, fish farms, hatcheries, consulting firms and exhibition centres (aquariums).

Aquaculture technicians are called upon to manage the activities of fish farms or hatcheries. They determine the needs of the species they are breeding and the environment most suitable to them. They also design, build and help set up the farm or hatchery facilities and work to ensure maximum production yields. They are also mandated with monitoring water quality, resolving health issues, maintaining equipment and manœuvre offshore structures. With a view to maximizing yield, aquaculture technicians must analyze results, manage stock, coordinate activities and determine the equipment that is needed.

This program is given in separate training modules that students can cumulate in order to obtain their DEC. It is also offered through distance learning, available on multiple platforms.


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