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Natural environment technology: environment protection

Program code: 147AD

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work as natural environment technicians, notably with relation to the development and rational use of resources as well as development, interpretation, information, education, protection, surveillance, restoration and conservation as it relates to the natural environment. The natural environment is here defined as including land, aquatic and wetland ecosystems within a specific territory as well as any and all resources related to water, soil, flora and fauna.

The work of environment protection technicians mainly concerns impact assessments, site characterization, waste management and decontamination as well as the implementation of measures pertaining to environment restoration, mitigation and protection. They must have a constant regard for laws and regulations related to the environment. The work of environment protection technicians involves characterizing natural or disturbed environments for diagnostic purposes; suggesting measures of intervention; applying follow-up programs; providing technical support for environment protection; communicating with various stakeholders; ensuring material is available and functional; managing environment inventory and intervention projects; responding to complaints and writing reports.

In order to analyze environmental issues with a view to ensuring sustainable development, environment protection technicians collect data and information and perform sampling activities of various types. They also act as consultants who help clients find new solutions or who develop new technologies that are in keeping with economic imperatives and regulations. Their work also involves creating sustainable development and environmental management plans. Their knowledge of related laws and regulations enables them to play a proactive role in terms of environment protection.

In addition to Environment Protection, there are three other specializations described on the previous and following pages: Specialization A, Forest Resource Management; Specialization B, Wildlife Management and Specialization C, Heritage Management.


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