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Natural environment technology: forest resources planning

Program code: 147AA

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work as natural environment technicians, notably with relation to the development and rational use of resources as well as development, interpretation, information, education, protection, surveillance, restoration and conservation as it relates to the natural environment. The natural environment is here defined as including land, aquatic and wetland ecosystems of a given territory as well as water, air, soil, flora and fauna resources.

Forest research management technicians contribute to the development of forest resources and perform a variety of tasks related to the management, planning, conservation, research and rational use of forests. They are called upon to write up plans and reports; coorindate and oversee silviculture work; plan forest harvesting and transportation, plan the construction and maintenance of infrastructures; conduct forestry and environmental inventories; supervise the production of plans for forest resource use; participate in forestry research; conduct forest mapping and participate in forest conservation.

These technicians work in a highly demanding context where, in addition to dealing with forestry data, they must now consider data related to fauna and our ecosystems, reference guides on sound environmental standards and practices for forestry management, the need to improve management plans and the introduction of multi-resource plans. They work in close collaboration with various territory and resource users, while respecting the needs of communities within the environment.

In addition to Forest Resource Managment, there are three other specializations described on the following pages: Specialization B, Wildlife Management, Specialization C, Heritage Management and Specialization D, Environment Protection.


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