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Program code: 414A0

Program Objectives

The Tourism program prepares individuals to work towards actively promoting the tourism industry. In addition to this, the core training of this program enables students to become technicians who have the skills and knowledge to:

  • conduct themselves professionally in a second language and even a third language
  • carry out day-to-day operations in the tourism sector
  • greet and inform customers
  • develop and market tourism products and services


Upon completion of the core program, students will be required to choose one of the three following areas of specialization (depending on the school they are attending):

  • Hospitality and Tour-Guiding
  • Tourist Product Marketing
  • Development and Promotion of Travel Products

Hospitality and Tour-Guiding: As specialists in greeting, guiding and facilitating activities for tourist clientele, graduates work as reception, information or reservation agents, as reception coordinators, tour guides, travel guides or destination representatives.

Tourist Product Marketing: Graduates in this area of specialty are called upon to develop tourism products and services based on the expressed or anticipated needs of the consumer. They work as tourism development agents, marketing or promotion agents or as coordinators of conferences, special events or festivities.

Development and production of travel products: Here, graduates are very knowledgeable about what is offered in terms of tourism, and they are skilled at creating, modifying and promoting travel packages. They generally work for travel agencies as package specialists, tour organizers, pricing agents or reservation agents.


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