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Circus Arts

Program code: 561D0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become professional and versatile professional circus performers capable of creating their own acts and characters. Upon completion of the program, graduates must not only excel in one circus discipline or another, they must also master the basics of other stage disciplines such as dance, acting, music, etc.

As such, this particular program centres around two main complementary components: the technical component and the artistic component. The first component involves learning specific techniques as well as developing and training the body. The artistic component, for its part, integrates creative and artistic research and adds a unique, aesthetical element to the technical component.

This particular program consists of very high-level professional training that enables students to master different circus disciplines (manipulation, balancing, acrobatics and aerial performance, and acting) and develop the attitudes, skills and qualities they need to practise their future profession, all while receiving solid basic training and extensive artistic knowledge.

During the first stages of specialized training, students learn to master basic skills and develop their versatility. Then, depending on their personal interests, physical predispositions and artistic quality, they choose between becoming generalists or specialists. Generalists learn to perform a variety of circus techniques while specialists focus mostly on one particular discpline.


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