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Forest Products Processing

Program code: 190A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become technologists in the wood fibre processing industry.

Graduates of this program work in factories using the following procedures: softwood and hardwood milling, peeling, fabrication of chipboard panels, wood treatment, drying, planing, gluing and shingle manufacturing. The skills and knowledge they acquire will allow them to adapt to other procedures, less commonly used in Quebec (slicing, manufacturing plywood, etc.)

Generally speaking, these technologists apply and oversee procedures to ensure the optimal use of wood fibre and production of the highest quality while ensuring the health and safety of staff members. Technologists are involved at every stage of processing, from procurement of the production unit to shipping of final products. Most of the tasks they perform follow a particular process: interpret instructions or customer requests, plan out work to be done, analyze the process, control the quality of operations, conduct a follow-up and communicate information to those concerned.

The program’s general goals are to: provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to practise the profession, foster their integration into the job market; foster the evolution and development of their professional skills and knowledge; provide them with the ability to adapt to technological changes, thereby ensuring job mobility.

Specific goals of the program are: teaching students how to analyze and resolve problems in order to ensure optimal use of wood resources and quality assurance; help students develop the behaviours and skills needed to maintain harmonious relationships within a work team; foster the development of entrepreneurial spirit.


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