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Visual Arts

Program code: 510A0

This pre-university program is intended to give students a balanced education that includes a general education component and a visual arts component preparing students for university studies in the visual arts and education.

Goals of the program

The general goals of the program are as follows:

  • Determine where one stands in relation to contemporary society and culture;
  • Develop an artistic intention;
  • Determine the role one plays in society as an emerging artist;
  • Use research methods and information technologies;
  • Use elements of visual language to express oneself in artwork;
  • Develop artistic potential through a variety of practices;
  • Present and showcase one’s artistic creations;
  • Demonstrate attitudes that foster personal, social and artistic development.

Each college determines the ways in which the educational aims, common competencies, goals, objectives and standards are implemented. Each discipline chosen by the educational institution as being part of this program can use its own vocabulary and logic. Each course may contribute to the full or partial achievement of the program goals. The important thing is that all of these elements are taken into consideration in one or more courses and that they become specific focuses of teaching and learning, since they have been recognized as essential to the pursuit of university studies in Visual Arts and that the Diploma of College Studies (DEC) attests that these goals have been met.

Artistic skills developed through the program are: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and digital imagery.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be capable of analyzing, interpreting and appreciating works of art. They will have initiated a reflective process that will serve as the basis for their art production. They will be equipped to produce their own artistic works as well as present and showcase them.

Candidates who wish to study and research visual arts must be curious, creative, open-minded, able to think critically and have good manual dexterity.


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