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Dawson College was the first anglophone school in the cégep network when it was founded in 1968, and today it boasts one of the largest campuses. Offering five pre-university programs and 21 technical programs, Dawson has a personalised teaching approach despite its size. It offers its students the opportunity to connect with one another via small work groups, as well as with their instructors.

Dawson College is located in downtown Montreal and is directly connected to Atwater metro station. The building is a heritage site, dating back to 1908, when it was built as the motherhouse for a teaching order of Catholic sisters.

Dawson students and staff have roots in over 70 cultures and languages. This diversity enriches the lives of all members of the community in a welcoming and stimulating environment.


More than 5,000 students
Badminton - Division 2
Badminton joint team
Joint volleyball
Men's basketball - Division 1
Men's basketball - Division 2
Men's rugby
Men's soccer - Division 1
Women's basketball - Division 1
Women's basketball – Division 2
Women's hockey
Women's outdoor soccer - Division 1
Women's rugby
Women's volleyball - Division 2

Yoon Seo Uh

Australia Dawson College
Classroom learning becomes about trust, support and empowerment
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Dawson College is loacated in the region of Montréal.

Olympic Park
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