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Accounting and Management Technology

Program code: 410B0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become accounting and management technicians.

In the field of accounting, these technicians work at every stage of the accounting cycle and provide technical support for all accounting-related tasks: implementing accounting systems, managing working capital, conducting financial analyses, handling internal controls and auditing, planning budgets, determining manufacturing costs, mapping investments and their performance as well as measuring liabilities and ensuing costs. Personal and corporate income tax is also an area of specialty where their skills are put to use. This type of work includes numerous repetitive tasks as well as an increasing number of tasks related to analysis, planning and dispensing technical advice to managers and clientele.

In the field of corporate management, these individuals provide support and assistance for human, financial and material resources. They can be mandated with tasks related to supply management, sales and projects, market development, commercial transactions and supervision of personnel. Management technicians generally work in highly computerized environments and use integrated management tools and approaches, contribute to managing the quality of the service provided and, above all, process and share information. They often act as intermediaries between different company departments, suppliers and clientele.

Whether they work in accounting or management, these individuals are able to quickly analyze problems, react accordingly and demonstrate creativity, adaptability and autonomy. Good judgment, initiative and the ability to analyze and summarize and therefore essential assets.


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Technical program

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