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Computer Science Technology

Program code: 420B0

The Computer Science Technology program trains students to become computer technicians who shall exercise their profession in the fields of application development and network administration.

In the field of application development, computer technicians help create applications that can be used on different platforms and also handle the development and maintenance of these applications. The particular applications they develop are numerous, quite varied in nature and used in almost every sector of activity.

In the field of network administration, computer technicians help design networks and handle the installation, management and securing of these networks as well as of servers and computers. They also ensure the proper functioning of the Internet and intranet services connected to these networks including the sharing of resources, communications, hosting and telephony.

These technicians also provide user support.

Depending on the magnitude of projects, work can be done individually or in collaboration with different specialists: other computer technicians, analysts, data architecture or network architecture consultants, project managers, quality assurance personnel, suppliers, etc.

The work environment is quite diverse. It often consists of the very latest material and software components, although computer technicians can occasionally be called upon to work with older generation components. They must therefore have the ability to adapt, be able to continuously improve their knowledge, have excellent reasoning abilities, be able to apply a structured approach, be versatile and open-minded.

Computer technicians are trained to perform the following tasks: 

  • Install and manage computers
  • Use programming languages
  • Resolve computer issues through mathematics
  • Use computer software (specifically office software)
  • Deploy a local area network
  • Apply the principles of object-oriented programming
  • Use a database management system
  • Carry out prevention operations with relation to information security
  • Evaluate software and material components
  • Take ongoing training in order to adapt to changing computer technology


In addition, for this particular program, colleges offer one of more local specializations that allow students to acquire specific knowledge related to:

  • Deploying intranet or Internet servers
  • Deploying database servers
  • Deploying network interconnections
  • Automating network management tasks
  • Monitoring networks
  • Assisting in the design of computer networks
  • Developing native applications with or without databases
  • Developing Web applications (transactional or not)
  • Developing data exchange services
  • Developing game or simulation applications
  • Developing applications for connected objects
  • Collaborating on the creation of applications

It is therefore highly important for the student to be aware of the particular skills taught in each of the colleges in order to choose a program that meets his or her particular needs and aspirations.


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