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Civil Engineering Technology

Program code: 221B0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work as civil engineering technicians.

The work done by these specialists involves structural engineering, municipal engineering, highway engineering, geotechnical engineering and the environment. They are mostly employed by consulting engineering firms, test laboratories, government departments, municipalities, RCMs, manufacturers of construction materials and products or construction contractors.

Civil engineering technicians are called upon to: do surveying work as well as analyze soils and materials; assist in the technical design of construction projects or in the repair of structures and infrastructures as well as in the planning of construction site work; follow up on construction or repair work; inspect civil engineering work and adapt construct material manufacturing methods. Their work is subject to laws and regulations pertaining to construction, repair, environmental protection as well as occupational health and safety.

Civil engineering technicians work as part of multidisciplinary teams and within the area of competence recognized by the laws and regulations governing professional practice. Depending on the type of company they work for, civil engineering technicians may collaborate with engineers, entrepreneurs or those in the municipal or manufacturing sectors. They can also be self-employed.

This program provides the training required for designing and carrying out construction or repair work. The program includes environmental considerations in keeping with new market requirements.


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