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Architectural Technology

Program code: 221A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to work as architectural technologists in architectural firms, engineering firms, construction businesses or government agencies.

These individuals carry out architectural projects, either on their own or as part of a team, and within the limits of the Architects Act, the Engineers Act, the Public Buildings Safety Act and the Professional Code.

As such, architectural technologists can produce drawings and promotional material, design construction details, write specifications, estimate the cost of construction work, coordinate construction work, determine a building’s condition, verify that a building complies with existing laws and standards as well as the Construction Code, and help to preserve architectural heritage. The frequency and importance of these tasks vary depending on their employer and the type of work they do.

As part of their job, architectural technologists must search for information, ensure uniformity of project documents, regularly communicate with their partners and make decisions. This program combines two training requirements: versatility and specialization. Versatility stems from the acquisition of general skills that enable architectural technologists to independently carry out the tasks they have been entrusted with. These skills also allows them to easily adapt to new and different work environments.


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