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Geomatics Technology: Cartography

Program code: 230AA

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become geomatics technicians. Geomatics technicians collect, store, process, produce and disseminate spatial or geographical data. They work in small or large geomatics or cartography companies in the private, public and parapublic sector. Surveying offices also call upon their services as do businesses that need to manage geographical information or create geomatics products, maps or plans.

The tasks performed by geomatics technicians include the production of documents related to municipal land management, the production of thematic maps, the creation of geographical information systems, the development of geomatic applications and, lastly, the dissemination of geomatics products.

Specialization A: Cartography

The tasks of technicians in this category include producing geo-referenced digital images, creating functional and esthetic images, preparing cartographic documents, treating and interpreting remote-sensing images as well as producing basic maps.

The Geomatics program fosters the development of autonomy, problem-solving skills, accuracy and diligence, attention to detail, creative skills and skills related to esthetics.


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