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Community Recreation Leadership Training

Program code: 391A0

Program Objectives

This program trains individuals to work with the general population or targeted groups in order to meet their recreational needs.

Recreational technicians take on all responsibilities related to the provision of leisure and recreational services. More specifically, they plan, organize, coordinate, facilitate and evaluate socio-recreational activities. They work in different settings (educational, municipal, institutional and community) and in various private organizations where leisure intervention is a priority. This wide variety of work environments is a good indicator of the diversity of clientele that technicians may be called upon to work with.

As a result of the constantly evolving job market, workers are now mandated with an increasing number of tasks that are also more and more complex—making it essential to train students to become highly versatile and skilled. As such, the program provides students the notions and techniques they need in order to work with individuals and groups and to manage human, material and financial resources.

By fostering the following attitudes and behaviours in students, the program ensures they are able to adapt to a wide variety of work situations and environments:

  • using an approach which takes into consideration the different characteristics of clienteles and their surroundings
  • a constant concern for meeting the needs of one’s clientele with a focus on safety and in accordance with professional ethics
  • the ability to build harmonious relationships with work colleagues and clientele
  • professional autonomy and organizational skills applicable in all facets of one’s work, the ability to demonstrate initiative and leadership as well as the ability to make good decisions quickly when faced with unexpected situations
  • a constant concern for improving the quality of one’s environment and a desire to protect said environment
  • a desire to grow and evolve in one’s profession as a result of organizational and administrative changes


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