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Paralegal Technology

Program code: 310C0

Program objectives

Graduates from this program are well equipped to work in all spheres of the legal profession, be it as a paralegal technician or as a court bailiff. The program offers a balance between general education, foundations for understanding the legal profession and practical skill development.

The program’s objectives are as follows:

  • acquiring the skills needed to research and analyze legal documents, to identify solutions to legal problems or warrant executions
  • conducting all types of legal research (laws, by-laws, decisions, legal doctrine)
  • performing related tasks such as opening and tracking files, managing trust accounts, preparing files for hearings in court, at the registry office or various administrative tribunals
  • understand how legal documents are processed in court registries and administrative tribunals

Career opportunities

Primary employers include: legal firms, notary offices, bailiffs of the court, civil and criminal court registries, municipal court registries, the Registry Office, legal service providers and corporations, research organizations and the legal departments of government ministries and of parapublic organizations. The tasks entrusted to paralegal technicians vary considerably from one organization to another, and often depend on both the nature of the organization and on the technician’s aptitudes and ability to work autonomously.

Since September of 1989, the Court Bailiffs Act requires that all persons requesting a bailiff’s trainee permit must hold a diploma of college studies in Paralegal Technology.


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