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Special Care Counselling

Program code: 351A0

Program objectives

Special care counselling technicians work with persons who have, or are liable to have, difficulties with adaptation or social integration. They work with individuals of all ages — children, teenagers, adults or seniors — who have physical or psychological disabilities, behavioural issues, mental illnesses or health issues.

Work environments include rehabilitation centres, accommodation centres, short- and long-term care facilities, psychiatric hospitals, community learning services, group homes, intermediate resource centres and external labour service centres.

Special care counsellors work in the areas of prevention, adaptation, rehabilitiation and social integration. Their main focus of intervention is working directly with the individuals who are experiencing adaptation difficulties and supporting their families and those in their immediate environment. Because they work in contexts where the relationships they have with their clients are a dominant feature, special care counsellors naturally become key resource persons for the individuals they work with as well as for those in their immediate circle and everyday environment. The intensity of the psychological distress or risky behaviours experienced by these individuals often requires front-line and crisis intervention. Needless to say, special care counsellors work in close collaboration with resources in the educational system, the health and social services network, and in community organizations. Autonomy is essential and varies depending on the facility or organization special care counsellors work for and the type of contract they are mandated with.


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