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Social Research Techniques

Program code: 384A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become technicians who work in the field of research related to social science (social problems, violence, poverty, academic success, pollution), administrative science (in marketing: brand image, customer needs, impact of the competition) and public health (substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease, diabetes).

Research technicians carry out technical tasks that are part of the social science research process. Their duties include planning the research project, gathering information, organizing and processing data and sharing results. They work as part of a team that makes use of specialized software. Depending on the context, research technicians can also be called upon to provide methodological and computer-related support to the research team as well as technical support to both internal and external clientele.

Research technicians work in collaboration with social science research professionals, in a variety of sectors and in different types of organizations and companies.

There are three types of technicians on the job market:

  • research technicians, who help carry out the different stages of the research production process
  • data collection technicians who supervise field work and conduct interviews
  • statistics technicians, who are mainly involved in organizing and processing data as well as sharing results.

Research technicians should ideally have the following qualities:

  • an eagerness to discover new things, curiosity and resourcefulness
  • listening and communication skills
  • accuracy and diligence
  • a keen sense of observation and organization


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