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  • Technical Program code: 574B0

    This program trains individuals to become 3D animation or computer-generated imagery specialists. These individuals work mainly for computer animation studios (feature films and shorts), television studios or companies specialized in multimedia production, video [...]

  • Preuniversity Program code: 500A1

    The objective of the Arts, Letters and Communication program is to provide the student with a balanced education that includes basic cultural training and general education. It also aims to better align college with programs offered at the university level. The [...]

  • Technical Program code: 420B0

    The Computer Science Technology program trains students to become computer technicians who shall exercise their profession in the fields of application development and network administration. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 243C0

    This program trains individuals to become industrial electronics technicians. These technologists work in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, in the areas of metal processing, forestry and paper, chemistry, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, [...]

  • Technical Program code: 582A1

    L’intégrateur est celui qui assemble sur ordinateur le matériel des infographistes, des rédacteurs, des spécialistes en son, en image et en vidéo pour produire une application multimédia qui sera diffusée entre autres sur cédérom ou sur Internet. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 180A0

    This program trains individuals to become nurses. Graduates must successfully pass the exam issued by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) in order to obtain a licence to [...]

  • Technical Program code: 144A0

    This program trains individuals to become physiotherapy technologists who are capable of reading and understanding information included in patient files, collecting data required to evaluate the patient’s situation, establishing and implementing a treatment plan, m [...]

  • Technical Program code: 570F0

    This program trains individuals to become photographers. As part of their activities, photographers fulfill mandates from communications or graphic design agencies, the media, various industries, retail businesses, institutions and individuals. They can also work [...]

  • Preuniversity Program code: 200B0

    The Science program is a pre-university program intended to provide students with a balanced education which integrates the basic components of rigorous scientific and general education and equips students to pursue university studies in the pure and applied [...]

  • Preuniversity Program code: 300M0

    The Social Science program is intended to enable students to pursue university studies in the broad areas of social science, law, education and administration through scientific learning based on the integration of knowledge and methods acquired in various Social [...]

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