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Cabinet Making and Millwork

Program code: 573AC

Program objectives

Covering personal expression, a chosen method of production and the realities of the market, this program is indeed an ambitious one. Using a material and technique of choice, artisans must create, fabricate and share works of produced objects. The manner in which the program is structured reflects the ongoing relationship between creation and the management of the resulting object.

Cabinet Making and Millwork

This specialization trains individuals to become artisans specialized in working with solid wood or wood-derived products and capable of creating or designing original pieces that can be produced either as unique individual works or in multiple copies as well as making or repairing all types of furniture or other woodworking products.

These artisans analyze orders, consult technical reference documents, create reference documents and make shop drawings, determine the resources required for a given project, estimate production costs and cost prices, plan production, prepare and process materials, assemble and adjust pieces and various components, and carry out all finishing work.

They also perform many tasks related to managing projects, marketing products or works as well as starting-up and managing a workshop.

In most cases, their work can be broken down into the following process: create or design project, consult plans and specifications or technical documentation, plan out work to be done, ensure quality control, perform administrative tasks, perform tool and equipment maintenance and clean up work area.

The skills acquired as part of the program enable graduates to work in different sectors of activity and evolve as independent professionals.


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