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Fashion Marketing

Program code: 571C0

Program Objectives

Fashion marketing technicians work at various levels of the fashion marketing industry, including wholesale or retail sales, store layouts and promotion, and may be employed as representatives, supervisors, managers, assistant managers, buyers, promotional event coordinators or stylists.

In an effort to meet the needs and requirements of different fashion-oriented businesses, fashion marketing technicians must be extremely versatile. They must have a great deal of business know-how as well as excellent management skills. In addition to this, they must have a forward-looking perspective on fashion.

Fashion marketing technicians also must have personal and professional attitudes and behaviours needed to be successful in the field (autonomy, interpersonal skills, leadership, flexibility, ethical character, etc.) as well as excellent work methods and a mastery of the languages used in the profession.

Lastly, technicians must be responsible, creative, able to work as part of a team and must demonstrate a good sense of aesthetics.

The Fashion Marketing program aims to meet specific academic goals. Given that fashion marketing technicians are regularly faced with stressful situations that stem from having to meet very specific objectives and dealing with demanding clients, stress management is an essential part of the skill set acquired. This should be taken into consideration when teaching specific skills and students should be taught how to maintain a positive attitude and effectively manage their time. Furthermore, because honesty and corporate loyalty are attitudes that are necessary to ensuring lasting and harmonious business relationships, one of the academic objectives of this program is to help students develop strict standards when it comes to professional ethics.


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