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Fashion Design

Program code: 571A0

Program objectives

This program trains individuals to become fashion designers.

Fashion designers create clothing lines and continually fine-tune and update them. They work in various sectors of the garment industry: clothing for women, men and children, fur, occupational clothing, etc. They can work as salaried employees, run their own businesses and market their own creations, or even freelance and offer their services to various companies.

Fashion designers create clothing lines at a frequency determined by the company they work for. In doing so, they help design collections as well as plan, organize and supervise the work required to create it. The designer’s main challenge is to continually produce clothing lines that meet customers ever-changing needs, all within a short time frame.

These individuals must be extremely versatile, considering the multitude of tasks they are called upon to perform. Having an open mind, a good knowledge of technologies used in the field as well as a mastery of English are also considered assets in this profession.

Fashion designers dictate much of the work that goes on in other company departments. As a result, they must work closely with other professionals in the field and ensure that their activities remain coordinated throughout the production process.

Fashion designers play a central role in the company. They are responsible for creating clothing collections that stand out from the competition while respecting the needs of their clientele and the company’s requirements. Current trends show that a company’s success rests in large part on the designer’s ability to understand the clientele’s needs in order to be able to create original pieces that are perfectly adapted.

This particular profession is perfect for those who are highly creative and who can deal with the many challenges that come with working in the garment industry.


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