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Medical Records Management

Program code: 411A0

Program objectives

This program trains students to become medical record technicians.

Medical record technicians are mainly responsible for managing, processing, accessing and protecting the information contained in the files of health service and social service users. They are specialists in collecting, analyzing and interpreting health-related data for research or socio-medical-administrative decision-making purposes. They can also be called upon to act as department managers.

Medical record technicians generally work in the health and social services sector. However, given their ability to manage health information, they could also work for public or private organizations that generate data on the health of their employees or clientele.

By fostering the following attitudes and behaviours in students, the program ensures they are able to adapt to all work situations and environments:

  • the ability to take on responsibilities, take appropriate initiatives, make enlightened decisions, adapt to new situations and anticipate and evaluate the complexity and duration of a particular task
  • the ability to effectively communicate with specialists and other concerned individuals, and establish relationships of respect, compassion and patience
  • the ability to analyze and summarize data
  • a constant concern for respecting legal rules and standards as well as those related to professional ethics
  • accuracy and diligence, and a desire to ensure a job well done
  • a desire to grow and evolve in one’s profession as a result of technical, organizational and administrative changes


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