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Aerospace engineering

Program code: 280B0

Program objectives

Aircraft engineering technicians handle technical design, planning and quality control for aircraft production companies who build both aircraft and aircraft engines as well as for subcontractors who specialize in the production of aircraft components or tools for manufacturing and assembly.

The tasks performed by design technicians vary depending on the type of company they work for and the type of product they manufacture. For example, where the production of engines and engine components is concerned, design technicians are limited to fine-tuning concepts based on specifications provided by the engineering department. When it comes to specific components, the complexity of the project generally determines who is mandated with designing tasks. Design technicians are, however, generally always entrusted with the details and fine-tuning. They are also always put in charge of designing more complex tools. Most often, the job of design technicians is directly related to repair design.

Planning often involves procuring products in a manner that is in keeping with industrial procedures, technologies, human resources and required materials. Methods officers are therefore tasked with helping develop production and assembly routings, providing technical support to production personnel, testing prototypes, programming numerical control machines and optimizing work stations. Methods officers act as the liaison between the engineering and production departments.

Quality control officers, for their part, are basically entrusted with developing quality control methods and ensuring these are both implemented and monitored. They are often called upon to ensure that products are in conformity with established standards and that subcontractors meet the company’s requirements in terms of quality.


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