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Plastics Engineering Technology

Program code: 241B0

Program Objectives

Polymers are an increasingly popular choice for many manufacturers and can now be found in thousands of products we use every day.

Plastics Engineering Technicians are trained to perform technical tasks in a specialized area of plastics processing (thermoplastics, thermosetting, elastomers). Tasks are numerous and vary depending on the particular department they work for (production, design office or testing and trails).

These technicians often work in small or medium-sized processing companies where technical staff is limited and they received solely on-the-job training. Some of these companies are very specialized in terms of their products, procedures or materials while others are more general. Students are capable of performing the majority of the technical tasks common to these industries based on the training they receive. They can handle a wide range of responsibilities under the supervision of an engineer in larger facilities or work without supervision in the case of smaller companies.

After acquiring a few years’ experience, and based on their specific interests, they can then be promoted to an executive role in the design office. They can also advance through ongoing training and personal development.

Government research centres are a source of growing employment opportunities in Quebec.


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