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Pharmaceutical Production Technology

Program code: 235C0

Program objectives

This program trains students to become pharmaceutical production technicians. These future technicians will learn to act autonomously and under the supervision of a production manager to carry out the different processes involved in the manufacturing of medications, sterile products, aerosols, creams and shampoos. They will have the skills and knowledge required to:

  • analyze the manufacturing processes of various dosage forms using industry-standard documentation
  • organize production areas to ensure they meet pre-established standards and norms
  • carry out manufacturing processes for dry forms (tablets, capsules), liquid forms (creams, ointments and liquids), sterile products (eye drops, injectables) and vaccines
  • ensure production control (sampling and tests), proper documentation and process quality
  • analyze situations the do not comply with good manufacturing practices, document areas of non-compliance and produce follow-up reports

Graduates are generally employed by companies in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sectors. They are, however, also equipped to work in the cosmetics or natural health product sectors. Pharmaceutical technology technicians are called upon to take part in production planning and configure manufacturing processes of varied dosage forms. They also carry out in-process testing and intervene in emergency situations.

These technicians work as part of multidisciplinary teams regulated by Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Depending on the type of company they work for (innovative or generic), technicians work under a supervisor or production supervisor, plant manager or production manager.


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