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As an international student, you have access to more than 140 programs (technical and pre-university) offered in nearly 70 schools across Quebec. Explore the many possibilities and find the perfect program for you from our expansive offering!


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  • Technical Program code: 391A0

    This program trains individuals to work with the general population or targeted groups in order to meet their recreational needs. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 322A0

    This program trains individuals to become early childhood educators. [...]

  • Technical Program code: 310C0

    Graduates from this program are well equipped to work in all spheres of the legal profession, be it as a paralegal technician or as a court bailiff. The program offers a balance between general education, foundations for understanding the legal profession and [...]

  • Technical Program code: 384A0

    This program trains individuals to become technicians who work in the field of research related to social science (social problems, violence, poverty, academic success, pollution), administrative science (in marketing: brand image, customer needs, impact of the [...]

  • Technical Program code: 388A0

    Social service technicians work with people of all ages, families, groups and communities dealing with various social problems. These particular problems, stemming from living conditions and social inequality, manifest themselves through poverty, loss of employment, [...]

  • Technical Program code: 351A0

    Special care counselling technicians work with persons who have, or are liable to have, difficulties with adaptation or social integration. They work with individuals of all ages — children, teenagers, adults or seniors — who have physical or psychological dis [...]

  • Technical Program code: 310B0

    This program trains individuals to become technicians capable of working in the prevention of delinquency and in the social reintegration of delinquent individuals, either before they commit a crime, following a court decision or following a diversion. [...]

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